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Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue: Richmond, VA

Six hours down and thirteen to go! At this point during our drive from New York to Florida, it was time to make a stop for dinner. After referencing one of my facorite apps, Food Network on the Road, the decision was to try Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue in Richmond, VA. Since they won their throw-down with Bobby Flay, we knew that we couldn’t go wrong. When we walked in, the rich scent of hickory overcame us. The joint had high top tables, some outdoor seating and booths, each with their own roll of paper towels.

We ordered at the counter: full rack of baby back ribs, baked beans, fried okra, and sweet tea.

We waited for our name to be called over the speaker at one of the high tops. The walls were covered with awards, photos and articles about Buz and Ned’s. By the front door they sell bottles of their home made BBQ sauce and chicken sauce.

When the food was ready, they called our name and we picked it up at the counter.  Everything looked and smelled incredible.  The ribs were covered in sauce, but not drowning.  When you bit into them they came right off of the bone.  They were juicy, meaty and so flavorful.  Buz and Neds only uses hickory wood for smoking and heat, not coals, so the meat has a smokey flavor throughout.  The BBQ sauce was not overbearing and incorporated well with the hickory flavor.  The okra were cut into bite size pieces, immersed in batter and fried.  The batter was very light and the bites were not oily at all.  Finally, the baked beans were incredible and completely home-made.  They were the best baked beans I have ever had in my life, a mix of pinto and kidney beans in a sweet, tangy, spicy sauce. On the side was grilled garlic bread, which was not really worth the calories.

Overall, Buz and Ned’s was fantastic!  Definitely recommended for those traveling to or through Richmond, VA.

Here is the website to see a full menu

Follow your tummy…


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