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Cinnamon Bun Waffles

Gooey, sticky, drippy cinnamon buns are one of the most satisfying treats for a sweet craving. We decided to throw them in a waffle maker for breakfast. For those with a sweet tooth, this is a fantastic breakfast treat.


  • Package of pre-made cinnamon rolls (includes frosting)
  • Waffle maker
  • Cooking Spray

We used Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, which can be found in the dairy section by the slice and bake cookies and biscuits.  This was purely personal preference, so you can use any brand that you would normally use for regular cinnamon rolls.

The waffle iron should be set up and the temperature should be on medium.  The size of the waffle maker will determine the number of rolls that you could do at once.  It is recommended to do one bun first to see how it cooks in the waffle maker.  Place the bun in the center so you can see how much the bun expands and then determine how many you can do in the next batch.

When the waffle maker is heated, lightly spray the waffle maker with cooking spray.  You can use any type of canola oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil.  This decision is based on your own palate.  This recipe uses vegetable oil, which worked very well.  Place the cinnamon buns on the iron and close.  Set the timer for 3 minutes and allow to cook.  The waffle maker will probably beep before your timer goes off, but they will not be cooked through.  After 90 seconds, take a peak to ensure the buns are not burning.

Once complete, open the iron, remove the buns, liberally spread the frosting over them and enjoy!!!

Follow your tummy…



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