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Let the adventures begin!! 

Originally Chasin’ Cravings started out as a way for me to get my home cooked meals down into real recipes, instead of trying to remember what I had done in the kitchen when friends or family asked about some of the photos I was posting of my food. Then, it turned into a great way for Steven and me to share experiences we were having at restaurants locally when we moved to NYC for my Master’s program at NYU. Now, it has transformed to providing advice for food and hotels during vacations. So, I was thinking about how Chasin’ Cravings could keep growing and fully encompass my life adventures. As most of you know, I will be starting dental school at NYU in August and although the slogan of Chasin’ Cravings is “Follow your tummy…”, I have begun to find ways to incorporate this into many aspects and events in my life. Part of this is because I am always thinking about food, and the other part is that this can also be interpreted as any type of hunger, not just for food, but for adventure, happiness, zen, new friends, knowledge or any life changing or molding experiences. Over the last two years, even with a little hiatus, so many things have contributed to molding my life and feeding my hunger. I am looking forward to trying to continue to transform this blog into something that represents me as a person and not just a bunch of posts about food and places to sleep when you find yourself in an unknown part of the world. Although these are helpful, I know that, with dental school starting, it may not be so easy for me to constantly be updating with new places to eat or travel and things to cook. I do hope to be able to brighten other people’s days with information and new discoveries that I find outside of the food/travel world. That being said, over the next two months, Steven and I will be exploring Asia. We will be traveling to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea! During our trip we will be posting as frequently as possible to keep everyone in the loop as to how things are going and all of the exciting things that we are doing and eating. We are super excited and would love for any of our followers to reach out with suggestions or tips for our trip. We can’t wait to share this experience with you and for the new exciting adventures in the future.
Follow your tummy…


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