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Exploring Hong Kong

We had one full day in Hong Kong and since we were still attempting to adjust to the time difference, we decided we would just explore rather than run around doing too many touristy things.  As described by one of our family friends, Angie, Hong Kong is basically New York City and China Town on a much larger scale.  There are malls after malls after tailor shops after malls after electronic stores after street food after malls after electronic stores throughout the whole city.  The worst part about it is that everything is so much more expensive here, so Jess couldn’t even go shopping…not that we actually have room in our backpacks to acquire anything 10 hours into our trip.

Thanks to suggestions from Amy and Co., a member of the Singer family, we decided to walk around and head towards the Star Ferry in the morning-ish (we slept in a bit).  On our way there we decided to walk through the park near the TST MTR station.  To our surprise there was a small water park, an aviary, an exercise route and many pagodas where locals were doing ritual routines.  There were also many sculptures throughout the park…a little shout out to the photo of the day (pictured below).


After the park and on our way to the ferry, we stopped in at a few of the hundreds of malls to look around and use the bathroom.  Every bathroom is very clean.  When we got to the ferry we got our tokens, which cost $5HKD total for both of us to get to the main island of Hong Kong.  The ferry was very relaxing.  We sat on the upper level and got a great view of the city across the beautiful blue-green water.  We got off at the Central Station stop and began exploring.


We asked a few people of where to go and we almost were convinced to go to Ocean Park, an amusement park.  We walked through some of the city and one of the parks.  The next park we went through had a lot of varieties of trees and some cool benches to relax on.  Everyone walking through was taking photos of the skyscrapers around us, mostly with their giant iPads.

Then we had lunch at Tim Ho Wan.  All of the scaffolding throughout the city is made out of bamboo, which is pretty awesome.  Thankfully, last minute, we decided against the plan because after all of the walking we were tired and needed to revamp before heading to the night market on Temple Street.



The night market on Temple Street is a regulated market where you will find all of the trinkets and souvenirs you are looking for.  They had everything from jade jewelry to electronics to handbags and even patches from places around the world.  We found a patch from the Islip Soccer Team!!  Another great souvenir were bells that said anything from “ring for a kiss” to “ring for help”.  They also had origami cards and various types of traditional clothing.


We enjoyed walking through the market and found some great street food at the end.  We got a tofu skin stick that was cooked in a tasty and very spicy sauce.  We also enjoyed a waffle, which was almost like little waffle balls that were all connected.  We pulled off one apiece at a time.  It was super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  It tasted like a waffle…


We were pretty tired by the end of our day so we walked back to the hotel and got a good night sleep.  We are off to Vietnam and can’t wait to share more of our adventures with you!

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Jess and Steven
April 20, 2016

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