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Third Time to the Bangkok Hub

After another eventful night train, this time first class, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, we had 12 hours until we were on our last night train down to the islands. We arrived on a Sunday and decided to visit the weekend market, also called Jatachak market. We really didn’t realize, until we got there, how massive this market really is. We wondered around for a couple of hours and decided that we would never make it through the entirety of it and that it was so unbearably hot. We had planned to visit the palace and temples during the day, but we really couldn’t handle the heat. So, we got to looking into where to get massages or a place to kick back and relax for the day. We were also desperate for a shower, even though the first class car on the train had showers.

We found a deal at the SO by Sofitel for pool access, which was 700 baht per person. This gave us access to the rooftop pool overlooking Bangkok and the locker rooms.  We decided we would grab an uber, which are super cheap in Bangkok, and check it out. Upon arrival, we were greeted by concierge and led to the rooftop pool. They informed us that since it was the weekend they were running their special for 900 baht, which included pool access and unlimited food and beer from 12-4pm at the restaurant. We were sold!  We spent the day at the pool and took advantage of the food and beer. We had a burger, grilled shrimp, ribs salads and French fries.

We made sure to make our last stop to Thip Samai for Pad Thai before catching our night train to Koh Tao. The train was not bad, except for the three hour delay, which almost made us miss the ferry to Koh Tao. Luckily some of the ferry companies actually wait for the trains when they arrive, so we were able to make the morning ferry and arrive to Koh Tao on time to begin our SCUBA adventures!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 15, 2016

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