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Thavorn Palm Beach Resort: Phuket, Thailand

For the last two nights we spent on Phuket, we had the pleasure of relaxing and exploring Karon Beach and the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. As their slogan says, “nature”, we were surely transported from the Karon beach town to a jungle serenity.  Our stay at The Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket on Karon Beach was just as the founding family of the Thavorn hotel group intended: peaceful.

Located on a massive beachfront property, the tranquil grounds of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort house a beautiful orchid garden, two resident tortoises, rabbits and a host of birds and chickens. When we walked up the stairs at the front entrance into the lobby we were immediately brought to the VIP lounge for check in. The lounge is part of the, soon to be launched, reward program which gives members access to coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks throughout their stay. After completing the check in process we were shown to our room.

There are several room types at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, all of which are decorated in the same style. The main differences between the rooms is their size and the bed type.

There are five pools on the property surrounded by beautiful gardens. There is a poolside bar and restaurant, but best of all, there’s a bar inside the pool. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make use of the pool bar as it rained during our stay. We did get a chance to explore the gardens, play with the bunnies and had a wonderful stay!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 29-31, 2016

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