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And we’re back…

We went on a little bit of a hiatus.  Here is a little update on where we are at this point…

Jess begins Dental School at New York University College of Dentistry in August 2016.  Steven has been studying, working as a paramedic, and beginning the application process for medical school. It turned out to be a lot more work to continuously update the blog than we had thought it would be, BUT we love sharing our creations in the kitchen and journeys with our family and friends too much to give up.  We are back with a big announcement…..

In April, we are making our way to Asia for a TWO MONTH trip!! We are beyond excited for the cultural, culinary and adventurous experience.  We will be visiting: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.  First, we would love for all of our friends and family to either comment on this post or email us at with any suggestions.  Second, we will do our best to post while we are away with all of our updates and day to day experiences.

Up until we leave we will be posting our normal restaurant reviews and recipes.  We are excited to be back in blog mode and hope to give you some great ideas of things to make in your own kitchen or new places to visit!!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort: Phuket, Thailand

For the last two nights we spent on Phuket, we had the pleasure of relaxing and exploring Karon Beach and the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. As their slogan says, “nature”, we were surely transported from the Karon beach town to a jungle serenity.  Our stay at The Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket on Karon Beach was just as the founding family of the Thavorn hotel group intended: peaceful.

Located on a massive beachfront property, the tranquil grounds of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort house a beautiful orchid garden, two resident tortoises, rabbits and a host of birds and chickens. When we walked up the stairs at the front entrance into the lobby we were immediately brought to the VIP lounge for check in. The lounge is part of the, soon to be launched, reward program which gives members access to coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks throughout their stay. After completing the check in process we were shown to our room.

There are several room types at the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, all of which are decorated in the same style. The main differences between the rooms is their size and the bed type.

There are five pools on the property surrounded by beautiful gardens. There is a poolside bar and restaurant, but best of all, there’s a bar inside the pool. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make use of the pool bar as it rained during our stay. We did get a chance to explore the gardens, play with the bunnies and had a wonderful stay!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 29-31, 2016

Coffee Talk @ Thavorn Palm Beach Resort: Phuket, Thailand

Coffee Talk is one of the restaurants at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.  It is a quaint coffee shop with some really cool decor.  It truly made us feel like we were back in New York.  I couldn’t resist the Matcha latte!  It was creamy, flavorful and a perfect pick me up, packed with caffeine.  We also tried the Thai Tea, iced with tea ice cubes and sweetened with condensed milk.  This was a huge treat and something I still dream about.

The coffee selection here is extensive and they have what they call “Siphon coffee”.  This was a really cool experience.  The heat the water by flame and it rises up into the top of the siphon.  Once brewed, the coffee filters back down into the bottom of the glass, ready to be served.  The coffee winds up being very smooth and flavorful, it does not burn or have a harsh aftertaste.  We gave it an accent by adding some dōTERRA cinnamon bark oil!! This is definitely one of the best ways to brew coffee and it is also so cool to watch.

For dessert, we enjoyed the matcha lava cake with chocolate ice cream.  It was ooey and gooey, warm in the center and so yummy.  We also had the Bannoffee cake, which was a banana and coffee cake in one.  This was the winner and took the prize out of the two desserts.

We enjoyed the sweets and treats at Coffee Talk and loved the vibe of the little shop.  Its a great place to relax, listen to great music and enjoy a nice pick me up at any time of the day.  It is right by the beach, so it is really convenient. We definitely recommend Coffee Talk to anyone visiting Karon Beach, Phuket.

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 30, 2016

Stacked Restaurant: Koh Samui, Thailand 

Stacked Restaurant on Koh Samui was recently opened and specializes in burgers. When you walk in, you could mistake yourself being in New York or San Diego by the decor and atmosphere of the place. With a huge surfboard table in the middle an retro bar scene, this is a cool place for drinks and great food.


We both enjoyed specialty cocktails created by a mixologist from NYC. I had a margarita and Steven tried the island fashion, which was their take on an old fashion. To start we had the grilled Caesar salad. The dressing was clearly homemade and it was so on point. It was creamy and had a hint of anchovy flavor, which is exactly how it should taste. The grilled romaine lettuce was a great touch and it was topped with fresh croutons and shredded Parmesan cheese. The portion size was perfect for two to share as an appetizer. We also tried the Laab Tod, thai style pork meatballs. It came with three smaller size meatballs, so we suggest having your own to really enjoy this dish. The meatballs were filled with fresh herbs and had amazing flavor and moistness. It was accompanied by a sweet and spicy Thai style mango salad that complements the meatballs very well. Our appetizers were very good and we were ready for our main course.

Steven had the aristocrat burger, a thick wagyu beef patty topped with manchego cheese, sautéed mushrooms, beetroot, and truffle aioli. We order our burgers rare, and it was cooked to perfection. The juices ran out and were soaked up by the soft and tasty, black sesame bun. It was definitely a great taste of home.

By suggestion, we also had the BBQ ribs. They had a dry rub, which was spicy, and were served with mashed potatoes and a salad. They literally fell off of the bone! Both entrees were great. We also enjoyed some Parmesan fries on the side. Although we were completely stuffed, we had to try the PB&J dessert. It was a tower piled high with peanut butter ice cream between crunchy crackers and layers of fresh jam. This was a great ending to our meal.


The location of the restaurant is great as you can walk around the area after dinner or even along the beach. They have a wide variety of burgers and great Thai food options as well. Whether you are looking for a western meal or a spin off of Thai cuisine, you can chase your cravings at Stacked and be completely fulfilled!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May, 2016

3 Nagas by Sofitel: Luang Prabang, Laos

When we arrived in Luang Prabang, we were unsure where to stay. We walked around on the main road and passed by 3 Nagas by Sofitel. We decided to check it out and were really impressed with the facilities, so decided to stay here during our time in Laos. The biggest plus about 3 Nagas is the location. It is right on the main road in town and walking distance from almost everything you would want to visit in Luang Prabang.


The hotel is a culmination of three different buildings, all of which are protected UNESCO world heritage buildings. This means that they are all original architecture buildings and preserved to maintain the authenticity. The buildings are of the original French colonial architecture. Being that these are protected sites, there has not been any modern updates such as sealing the Windows or doors or remodeling of the bathrooms. As such, there are some bugs that can get into the room, so you are provided with a mosquito net. This didn’t really bother us as we were so memorized by the authenticity of the buildings.

We felt that we were transported to when they were originally built in 1903. The bed was very comfortable and the rooms was very spacious. The original bathrooms had a tub and shower.  We were always provided with extra amenities such as a toothbrush, sewing kit and anything to make our stay more comfortable.  We also had a private terrace to relax on with lounge chairs.  The garden in the center of one of the buildings is very tranquil and makes you feel like you are no longer in a busy town, but in a rural area.


Breakfast was included in our stay and it was some of the best breakfast we have had on our trip so far. Our first day Steven ordered the congee, which was cooked to a perfect thick texture and served with a salted egg and pork. I had the **.  Second morning we ordered the Nem Khao, a steamed rice crepe stuffed with pork, carrots and mushrooms, and the Khai Hor Khao, a Lao omelette stuffed with steamed rice. All of the breakfast dishes were so amazing. The food at 3 Nagas is none to be missed. It is vey authentic and delectable Laos cuisine.

As a guest at 3 Nagas, you are granted access to the Sofitel facilities just outside of the main town of Luang Prabang. We did not have time to take advantage of this, but heard from friends staying there that it was very nice and a great place to relax if you have time during your stay. If you are visiting Luang Prabang and looking for an authentic experience, 3 Nagas is the choice for you. From decor of the hotel to the incredible food, you will feel like you are part of the local community the second you arrive.

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 10-12, 2016

Basil Cookery: Chiang Mai, Thailand

We were picked up at 9am by Apple, our teacher for the day. Then we went over to one of the hostels to get four other ladies who would be joining us for the class as well. They were a pleasure to spend the day with and we really enjoyed their company. A huge congrats to all of them for just graduating from medical school and we wish them good luck with their future endeavors. We then ventured to the market and had a little tour. Apple taught us about the different herbs and vegetables used to cook many of the dishes we would be making that day as well as what is used generally in traditional Thai cuisine.

We looked at three different types of basil that are used in Thai cooking: sweet Thai basil, holy basil and lemon basil. We also saw the fresh vegetables in the market such as mini eggplant and crunchy eggplant. The mini eggplants are used in both raw salads and cooked curry and noodle dishes. The crunchy eggplant looks like a caper and is filled with many seeds, which makes it crunch. This is used in many of the curry dishes in Thailand. We also learned about the dried spice packages that are sold in the markets that are pre-made for an entire recipe. These are very useful and I really hope I’m able to find them back home. After exploring the market and learning about everything we will be cooking with, we went to the Basil Cookery Kitchen. The kitchen is in Apple’s home and has been transformed into a teaching kitchen with five two-burner stove tops.

We began our morning making noodle dishes. I made pad see yew and Steven made drunken noodles. Everything we prepped for us and we just had to cut up some veggies and cook everything together in the wok with all of the spices. Next we made our soups and appetizers. Steven and I both chose to make the traditional tom yam soup. A creamy coconut soup with veggies and chicken. The girls made the sweey and sour soup. Both were amazing. We all shared and couldn’t believe how easy it was to make something so tasty. The tom yam soup could be spiced up to any heat level. The sweet and sour soup had a little kick, but nothing intolerable.

For appetizers, I made fresh green papaya salad and Steven made fried spring rolls. We learned how to shred the green papaya two ways. Once was using a zig zagged peeler to creat even strips and the other was by hand. It was definitely very difficult by hand and we learned that you need a lot of practice to get it right. We made our dressing in the traditional wood bowls. I added a few too many hot peppers to mine and tried to balance with sugar, but it didn’t help enough. Next time, use less!!  The dressing is made with all raw ingredients so everything is a lot stronger than when cooked. We mixed in the shredded papaya and other ingredients and it was ready to eat!  Steven prepped the filling of the spring rolls in the wok and learned how to make a perfect roll. He fried them in the wok and let them rest to drain the excess oil. All of the dishes were very good and we enjoyed another course before moving on to dessert and the last two dishes of the day.

At this point we took a rest and Apple’s team had their lunch. We were very impressed with her entire team. Every time we finished prepping and went to start cooking our stations were cleared, cleaned, and replaced with fresh equipment for the next course. First, we made our desserts so that they could sit and cool during the time we made the curry and pan fried dishes. Steven made mango with sticky rice and I made rice pudding with crispy coconut. We let the dishes sit while we prepared our curry paste. I made green curry paste and Steven made pa nang curry paste. We put all of the raw ingredients into a motor and had to grind it by had until it was perfectly smooth. It took a lot of muscle and a bit of time. Once we made sure it was a nice smooth consistency, Apple told us we could just use a food processor at home. We all laughed…ahh the beauty of electronics!!  We realized that the curry is cooked with coconut milk, in our case crash let made from shredded coconut!  This means you can make the paste a bit spicier than you would want it to be after it is cooked. We then made our curry dishes, which turned out great. Finally, Steven made pan fried shrimp and I made chicken cashew nut. We sat down and enjoyed our curry and pan fried dishes. The curries were the perfect amount of spicey and the pan fried dishes came out so nice. Then we devoured our desserts.

Everything we had made turned out amazingly. We definitely had plenty of leftovers, which we packed up to have for dinner during our night train back to Bangkok. Our experience was truly unforgettable at Basil Cookery. Thank you so much to Apple and her team for making sure we had a great time. Look out for the recipes to follow once we return to the states!  We want to make sure we can get all of the ingredients and let you know where to get them as well. We can’t wait to cook for our friends and family when we return.

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 14, 2016

Aonang Beach, Krabi: Emerald Pool, Hot Springs and RAIN RAIN RAIN

After our second trip to Koh Tao we continued along the normal plan to go to Krabi. We spent two nights in Krabi and, unfortunately, it seemed that the rainy season had begun a little bit early. During our time in Krabi it rained a lot. The first day we spent wondering in the rain to find somewhere to do laundry and dry our clothes. Being that it was so humid, a lot of our stuff wouldn’t dry. This was a bit of a failure; there are no laundry mats or drying machines in Thailand. We hung our clothes in the room and hoped they would dry. We then met up with our friends Gillian and Gavin to have lunch at one of the best Indian restaurants in Aonang beach, Taj Palace. We did not visit Krabi Town due to lack of time. We would definitely recommend trying to head over there though, as it is known for some good street food and night markets.

Taj Palace is right across the street from the Starbucks of Aonang Beach that many of the hotels offer transportation to during the day. They offer 20% off all Indian cuisine, and that is definitely the thing to order while you’re there. To start, we all had masala tea, which was so yummy and really warmed us up on this “cooler” (but still hot) rainy day. We ordered papadum with chutney as well. They were very crispy and reminded us of home. For our main course we had the dahl, which is creamy black lentils cooked with kidney beans. It was very very good, but had a little bit more heat than we are use to back home. We ordered chicken tikka masala, but I think that was a mistake. The chicken tikka masala was very spicy and was not the same sweetness as at home. We have been told over the past few months that chicken tikka masala is definitely a thing that was invented in the UK and not actually traditional Indian food. We decided that next time we eat Indian food, we will definitely order something different that is a little bit more authentic and traditional.


After lunch it seemed as though the rain let up and we were ready to explore. We left the restaurant and headed for the beach. Just as we arrived and walked down the stairs, the sky opened up and the rain came down! We decided maybe it would be best to head back to the hotel and plan our next day together, with hopes that we would get a break in the weather. We decided that, even in a bit of rain, the best place to visit would be the emerald pool and hot springs waterfalls. We hired a taxi that night for 2,300 baht to bring us to both places as well as to drop us off in Krabi town to catch a bus to Phuket.  The driver agreed to pick us up at 8:15 am the next day. We shook hands and that was that. One of the beauties of Thailand is the honesty of many of the locals. We have found that we can make an arrangement with a tuk tuk or taxi driver and they always stick by their word and show up the following day. They will drive you around for the whole day and then you pay at the end of the day!


Originally, we planned to go to seafood street for dinner, however we found the restaurants to be much more expensive than expected. We opted to have street food on the road between the beach and our hotel, Deevana. Steven and I enjoyed some freshly fried chicken liver as well as fried vegetable spring rolls. Gillian and Gavin had chicken soup, which was large enough for four people to share and was 40 baht ($1.10)!!!  We went to bed on the earlier side to be rested for our big day. When we woke up and walked down to the street, Mr. Bangdom was there waiting for us. We hopped in the car and started the hour and a half ride to the emerald pool. We arrived and found we were some of the first people there since we had left very early.

Mr. Bangdom told us to walk about 800 meters and we would get to the emerald pool. We started walking, paid the 200 baht per person entrance fee and had our tickets checked. The man checking tickets told us to turn right at the sign, which brought us on an elevated path winding through the jungle. We followed the signs and after about 15 minutes walking were a bit confused. We thought it was only 800 meters, why was it taking so long to get there?  Finally, we saw a few people and asked how far it would be until we got to the emerald pool. They responded and told us it was very close. We kept walking and before we knew it we were standing in front of the most beautiful and breathtaking pond that was exactly as the name suggests: emerald!  We walked around in awe and the got ready to cool off in this serene water. It was so relaxing and tranquil. We enjoyed some time in the water and then we were ready for our next stop. As we were planning to leave, one of the park rangers pointed to a sign that said toilet and exit. He told us that was the way out, which was different from the way we came. We realized that we had taken the long and scenic route through the jungle rather than the quick way down the road.


We got back to the taxi and drove about 15 minutes back towards Krabi to the hot spring waterfalls. This time, even with a few confusing signs, the walk was shorter. We arrived at the hot springs waterfall and were ready to jump in.  Just as the name implies, the water is as hot as a hot tub!  The most appealing spot to soak is at the top of the waterfall where the water was clear, as the bottom seemed to be a brownish color.  The signs suggest to soak for no more than 20 minutes, which is actually pretty hard to do since it is hot both outside of and in the water.  After about 15 minutes, I was ready to get out, but stayed for the extra five when I realized how soft my skin was becoming and how relaxing the water was.  This was a great way to end our morning adventures and we all felt so relaxed for our ride back to Krabi.


The taxi dropped Steven and me off at Krabi Town bus station, where we bought tickets to Phuket for 240 baht.  The bus ride took about 4 hours and we arrived at Phuket Bus Station around 5pm.  Unfortunately, we were too late to be able to take the public bus from the bus station to Kata Noi Beach, so we had to take a taxi, which was 500 baht.  The taxis in Phuket are the most expensive we have seen on the trip thus far.  It is a very touristy island and the costs are tailored to take advantage of this.  We were very excited to arrive at the Katathani Beach Resort, where we spent the following two days.  We really enjoyed Krabi/Aonang Beach, but wish the weather would have held out a little for us.  We did get lucky on our last day and definitely recommend visiting the emerald pool and hot springs.  It is not worth going on a tour or organized trip, as it is pretty costly.  Just hire a taxi either outside of your hotel or somewhere in town to take you around for the day and visit these places on your own to save some money!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 25-27, 2016

Naka Market: Phuket, Thailand

We were lucky that our schedule landed us in Phuket during the weekend because we were able to visit Naka market.  This market has two different areas, one dedicated to food and the other dedicated to shopping.  We obviously were there for the food…  When we walked into the market, we were completely overwhelmed with the amount of food stalls and didn’t know where to start.  The first thing we saw were these balls of rice that had been fried to a golden brown color.  We initially assumed that you just ate the rice balls as is.  So you could imagine our surprise when the chef grabbed on and smashed it into pieces in a bowl.  We were so confused and then realized that this was the traditional larb, a crispy rice dish mixed with minced pork, onions and seasoning.  We decided we would give it a try.  For 35 baht ($1), what do we have to lose? Oh boy, was it good!  The rice was so crunchy and gave the dish great texture.  We asked for only the tiniest bit of chilis, but event that was a little too spicy for Steven.



We continued walking as we enjoyed our first part of dinner.  The next stand to catch our eye was one with round and square white dumplings.  We weren’t sure what was inside and the woman cooking them pointed to a banner with photos of carrot, taro, chives, spinach and a few other veggies.  They were vegetable dumplings unlike anything I have ever seen.  We grabbed a box of assorted flavors and a small back of dipping sauce.  Being that we were in a pretty crowded marketplace, we tore open the sauce and poured it on top for easy handling.  These dumplings were perfection in a little pocket.  They were warm and crunch and doughy all at the same time.  The fillings were pure vegetables and it was very apparent that they were very fresh. Before we knew it they were gone.  I was tempted to go back and get another round but realized how many stalls we hadn’t been to yet.  We decided to keep going and trying some new food.


Next, we spotted mango sticky rice.  We had probably eaten enough mango sticky rice during our trip thus far, but this was our last night in Thailand and felt that it was a necessary last meal to have.  We bought a set and kept it to eat later on in the night.  Next to the mango sticky rice was one of our favorite things to find in Southeast Asia!  It is sticky rice with beans that is cooked inside of the a hollowed out bamboo stalk.  We knew that would be the next item on our list for dinner and it was only 50 baht.  One of the men working at the stall cracked one open for us with his hatchet.  It was still very warm inside and was so delicious.  We enjoyed the sticky rice with beans while we walked around and decided what to have next.


It was a pretty hard decision, but we passed by a fried chicken stand that had quite the line and looked great.  We decided to have two drumsticks and, although it doesn’t beat the fried chicken lady’s in Koh Tao, it was really good.  The chicken was not oily at all and the temperature was still hot, which is definitely a good thing.  I get worried sometimes about food that has been sitting out, but the market is so busy that the food is cooked seconds before you pick it up at the stalls, so you’re safe here.  After chicken we passed a stall that had quite a long line of what seemed to be mostly locals.  The sign read octopus and crab balls and they were flying off the shelf faster than they could be made.  We grabbed a box of 5 for 35 baht.  They were topped with two sauces, one was mayo based and the other was a brown sauce.  They were light and fluffy and had chunks of fresh seafood, definitely a must try!


At this point we were starting to get full, so we moved on to dessert.  We enjoyed the traditional rotti filled with sweet condensed milk and bananas and topped with chocolate sauce.  We also had two buns, one filled with black sesames and the other filled with red bean.

We walked around the goods market for a bit and then went back to the hotel for the rest of the night. We loved Naka market and if you are in Phuket during the weekend definitely check it out!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 29, 2016

Katathani Beach Resort: Phuket, Thailand

Our first two nights and we stayed at Katathani Beach Resort on Kata Noi beach. It is on a private beach. We stayed in a premier room with an ocean view. Our room had a king bed, which was fairly comfortable and sitting area with a coffee table and day bed. We also had a large bath, shower and standard bathroom amenities. Our porch looked out on one of the 10 pools on the resort as well as the beach. The room was very clean and had very beachy decor with blue and green accents all around. Outside you could see the lounge chairs set up on the grass as well as around the pool and guests having pedicures and massages.

Our stay was two nights and three days. We had a very relaxing time even though there was a bit of rain. During the rain we relaxed in the room, watched TV, movies, and the storm (lol). We got very lucky with some sunshine on our last day and enjoyed the private beach for most of the morning. We also took a swim in the pool which was very nice, but we were only able to hit one of them and apparently there are 10 on the resort. We walked a bit around the resort and found a little lake with a fountain and the recreation room with a pool table and ping-pong table. We also walked by the spa as well as a few markets that are on the resort property. These were very convenient if you needed anything like drinks, sunscreen, clothing, etc. We also had the option to have items delivered to the room next day if needed.


We enjoyed two meals on the property.  One was a lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf where we enjoyed some coconut fried shrimp and a salad. The other was at the traditional Thai restaurant which is rated one of the best on the island. We enjoyed our stay and we highly recommend staying here.  We also had great breakfasts both mornings we were there.  The buffet was very good, but we felt that there was not enough of a selection of asian cuisine as we had hoped.  There seemed to be a lot more western options than many other hotels we have stayed in.  The Katathani Beach Resort was probably one of the best places we have stayed on our trip. The service was very high class and there was always someone who to answer our questions where ever we were on the property. They even had golf carts to drive us around in the rain so that we wouldn’t get wet.

This hotel was very upscale and had almost everything we needed during our stay in Phuket.  You could stay here and never have to leave the resort, but sometimes it is fun to explore other parts of the island.  We would recommend the Katathani Beach Resort if you are looking for a relaxing vacation on the beach.

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 27-29, 2016

Deevana Hotel: Aonang Beach, Krabi, Thailand

We decided to visit Aonang Beach, rather than Krabi town during our visit to the west coast of southern Thailand.  We were happy with our decision, mostly because of the Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang where we were staying because it was pretty much raining the entire time we were there.  Although the beach is suppose to be one of the best, we were not able to really enjoy it due to the weather.

We were lucky to have chosen to stay at the Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang.  Our room was spacious and we had a balcony overlooking one of five pools on the property.  We had a comfortable king sized bed and a large bathtub to relax in.  The room was very clean, which made it easier for us to spend more time there than usual due to the weather.

The Deevana runs a shuttle to town on a specified schedule, which is free.  It drops you at the Starbucks, which is central and walking distance to most of the hot spots in town.  If you wish to go into town at a time other than the scheduled shuttle, you have the option to arrange private transportation to the starbucks for 100 baht, however there is no shuttle back to the hotel at all.  It is definitely walking distance from Starbucks and generally took about 15 minutes or 10 minutes from the beach.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Deevana Plaza Krabi Aonang.  I took advantage of the gym while Steven worked on some of his applications for medical school in the room.  A big plus was decent wifi, which is sometimes hard to come by in thailand.  We enjoyed breakfast both mornings we were there.  The selection included traditional asian cuisine as well as western options.  The breakfast buffet was up to par compared to many of the other hotels we have stayed in during our trip. If you are looking for a clean and comfortable stay during your time in Aonang, the Deevana is definitely a great choice!

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 25-27, 2016

Amari: Koh Samui, Thailand

We arrived to Koh Samui in the evening and were able to share a taxi with another traveler, which saved us some money. We quickly realized that this island was a lot more expensive than northern Thailand, and even Koh Tao. We also noticed that the taxi drivers had a collection of signs with completely different rates depending on the season or time of day. Your best bet to get somewhere cheap is to hail one of the songethiews similar to the ones in Chiang Mai.

When we arrived at The Amari Resort, we were greeted by the friendly staff and welcome drinks. The resort is on the modern side with a great beach vibe and a clear attention to detail. We were escorted across the road to our room. There are two parts to the resort. The eastern part had one pool, some guest rooms, the lobby, restaurant and beachfront. The western part across the road, where we stayed, had another pool as well as villa style accommodations.



Our room was gorgeous. We were on the second floor and had a high peaked wood ceiling. This part of the resort was fairly newer than the other side. The large king bed was amazingly comfortable. The living area was very spacious and had a relaxed and open feel. We had a large shower and standard bathroom with amenities. We were welcomed to our room with a fruit platter, macaroons, and a coconut jelly dessert. We were able to relax during the day, in between rain storms, on our balcony overlooking the garden and pool.


That evening we went to the Fishermans Village to the walking street. We enjoyed breakfast by the pool and overlooking the beach both mornings we were there. The breakfast buffet was incredible. There was a great selection of western and Asian cuisine. We enjoyed pad Thai, pad see eiw, congee, some Indian cuisine, eggs and pastries. The selection of breads and fruit were very good. There was also a juicer with fruits and vegetables to create your own fresh juices. Both mornings we had great breakfasts that fueled us for the day.


The Amari is located on Chewang Beach, one of the best beaches on Koh Samui. The sand is a perfect powder white and soft. The water was very calm when we were there and warm. We were able to relax by the beach most of the day, until some rain showers rolled it. Our second evening we enjoyed dinner at Stacked, one of the companies new restaurants. We enjoyed a fantastic dinner and recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Koh Samui. Overall, we had a wonderful stay at The Amari and would love to be able to visit again in the future.

Follow your tummy…

-Jess and Steven

May 20-22, 2016